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BJP-led Government assumed power at the Centre in March 1998. Since then during the span of 9 months nuclear weaponisation, shifting of 340 items to the open general license list including a large number of cottage and small scale industrial products and agricultural commodities, export of scares vegetables and other food items, inaction against hoarders, opening up the insurance sector to private capital, sale-out of Government shares to private parties at a cheaper price, death sentence on all sick public sector undertakings and paying off the workers and employees, attempted saffronisation of education and domestication of women, non-implementation of Srikrishna Commission Report on Mumbai riots etc. are some of their important achievements.

All these actions and attempts has completely identified itself against the interests of the country and the common people. A steady decline has been recorded in all sphere of life. There has been a steep rise in the rate of inflation. Unprecedented rise in prices of all essential commodities including vegetables, pulses, edible oil etc. has made life unbearable for the common people. Cut backs in public investment and expenditure in rural areas encouragement of corporate sector in agriculture and dismantling of the public distribution system of essential commodities have thrown the poorer section in the hands of the profiteers. Number of people below the poverty line has been swelling.

Import liberalisation, dumping of foreign goods in the Indian market, stagnation of industrial production, widespread closure of industrial activities and mass scale retrenchment have swelled the rank of unemployed and have further aggravated the situation.

The policies of the BJP-led Government have disturbed the normal peaceful relations with the neighbouring countries, have disturbed the democratic set-up, law and order situation, the centre-state relations, communal harmony and national integration of the country.

All these have developed discontentment amongst all sections of the people against the BJP-led government, which are being visible from their reactions. Recently in the JNU student's union election Vidyarthy Parishad has received a big defeat from the students. The student's union was in the hands of the vidyarthy parishad. SFI and alliance got elected in a big way. Against the policies of the BJP-led Government, 56 mass organisations of the country and the central public sector employees' co-ordination committee are preparing themselves for general strike on 11th and 10-11th December, respectively.

The BJP will face its first major test in the elections to the assemblies of the four states of Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram, going to be held on 25th of this month. Infighting between the partners of the BJP-led alliance, the mood of the people in these states and the opinion poll results indicate that these elections will not be palatable for the BJP and their allies. Probably, the voters are preparing themselves for a blow.

23th November, 1998.   

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