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Calcutta, 23th November 1998

Assembly Elections Roundup
State Alert for BJP
lections are here again. And even as the voter prepares to cast his lot with one party or the other, tremors can be felt in the seat of power in Delhi. The Prime Minister, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, has already started betraying a sense of nervousness....
...elec_s.jpg (4212 bytes)and the scene in West Bengal Byelections, where the Left Front seems to be sitting pretty as usual..
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usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Editorial
The policies of the BJP-led Government have disturbed the normal peaceful relations with the neighbouring countries.... the centre-state relations, communal harmony and national integration of the country..the people are getting reday to give a blow

usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Political Comment Growing Isolation of Sangh Parivar
by Harkishen singh Surjeet 

usm.gif (844 bytes)Candidate List
The candidate list of CPI(M) and Left parties for assembly elections in three states. Though it is not contesting many of them..it is leaving a mark ...

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An Essay on how the capitalist class is trying to tide over its crisis with using tech advancement in capturing markets...but isnt't there a conflict within..
They and They
Tin Soldiers and Rootless Grass
usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Bal Thackeray, who could well give even Adolf Hitler a run for his money , sends out diktats about culture and its ethics which border books_s.jpg (2922 bytes)on neo-fascism..Mamata's boys run amock a village library-pretext-it is a communist building machine..The people extend hands in rebuilding the library, West Bengal Govt requests the cricket games be organised at Calcutta.. Something to think about

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usm.gif (844 bytes)Nationwide Protests against price rise
he people have started to protest teh antics of BJP government. Some news reports from Bengal and Karnataka
usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Citu leader murdered
Senior CITU leader at Bokaro murdered

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usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Comment
Scientist victimised for criticising Pokhran II
usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Happenings
The All India Peoples Science Congress

grapri_s.jpg (2518 bytes)Sports
usm-red.gif (844 bytes) Formula for Success
Grand Prix car racing at Calcutta
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usm.gif (844 bytes)Bakreswar: countdown starts
bak_s.jpg (1024 bytes)The pledge for building Bakreswar with Blood by the people has not gone to a waste and a dream come true..

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usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Economist Column
Decentralisation : an experience of West Bengal land reforms and Panchayat

By Jyoti Basu
A Political Autobiography spanning his life. For the first time in English
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