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People in west Bengal protest price rise
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Hopes on new railway projects in Bengal
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Karnataka join protest against centre
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Senior CITU leader at Bokaro murdered
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CITU demands unpaid salaries for HSCL workers

by Staff Reporter

Prices of all essential items especially foodstuff has been spiraling up continuously throughout the country. In the background of a general inflationary trend, the undeterred stockpiling by the traders added fuel to the fire. Left Front in its meet on November 1, called upon the district mass organisations to organise protest programmes against the intolerable hike. People were mobilised to organise centralised protest programmes against the grueling price hike in all the districts of the state on November 10. Call for tightening of administrative machinery was also given from the meeting. CPI(M) in its state committee meet on November 16 reiterated the call for intensified mass movements to enforce a reversal of the inflationary policies of the BJP led central government.

The call of CPI(M) and Left Front met with spontaneous response from the people of the state. Protest rallies, meetings and marches were held in each locality in each district of the state. On November 6, nine Leftist student and youth organisations organised a protest rally in Sealdah Railway station. The rally saw swelling pools of students and youth as they felt themselves to be directly affected by the rise. Badal Dutta, Subir Choudhury, Kaninika Ghosh of DYFI and other student and youth leaders addressed the dusk to night rally. They directly accused the anti-people economic policies of the central government to be responsible for the unprecedented price rise. On the same day, twenty thousand marched on the streets of Gangarampur to protest. They were students, they were youth, they were teachers, they were women , and they were all from each sphere. They demanded ouster of BJP led regime. CPI(M) ,Calcutta district committee organised a mass rally in Calcutta on November 10. Such rallies were also held in Maldah, Raigunj and elsewhere. Massive rallies were held in both South and North 24 Parganas. Rallies were organised on behalf of 12 th July committee.

The protests clearly accused the markedly indifferent attitude of the central government in lieu of the emerging economic crisis precipitating in inflationary spiral. Also, the naked political alignment of BJP with the traders who want to make brisk speculative gains are revealed by their indifference and lack of real political will.

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