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People in west Bengal protest price rise
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Hopes on new railway projects in Bengal
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Karnataka join protest against centre
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Senior CITU leader at Bokaro murdered
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CITU demands unpaid salaries for HSCL workers

From India News Network(INN)

The working people of Karnataka joined the rest of the nation in recording their anger against growing danger of communalism under the patronage of ruling BJP and disastrous new economic policies rigorously pursued by present ruling dispensation at the centre by holding a mammoth rally at Bangalore on November 16, 1998.

The state capital witnessed a huge red sea as the red banners, red flags, red sarees, red shirts predominantly formed the part of the rallyists. Responding to the call given by National Platform of Mass Orgnisationss (NPMO) nearly quarter lakh people from different walks of life and different parts of the state thronged to Bangalore. The participants included the toiling masses ranging from beedi workers to tile workers, from agricultural workers to anganawadi workers, from peasants to Bank & insurance employees, students, youths, young women also took part.

Participation of thousands of thousands of women, several among them carrying children in the arms, was a special feature of the rally. The state capital did not witness such a huge procession of working people in the recent past, and thus become a historic even in the annals of state's toiling people struggle.

The kilometer long procession, chanting slogans against price rise, communalism and regarding several other issues affecting directly to the day to day life of the common masses; starting from Chikka Lal Bagh at the heart of the city reached Malleshwaram Play ground where it converted into a big rally.

The public meeting was presided over by Bank officers association leader R.N. Godbole. Speakers belonging to various orgnisations explained the present political situation and the importance of the ongoing struggle under the leadership of NPMO, an umbrella organisaion representing eight crore people.

The rally, termed as the warning bell to the forces of exploitation, gave the clarion call to make December 11 general strike a big success and also not to rest until the evil forces of communalism are defeated. The rally also warned state Janata Dal government to end infighting and given attention towards mitigating problems of the people or else face the wrath of them.

In preparation to the rally, jathas were organised all over the state to create awareness among people to unmask the real face of BJP and its policies. In all, 13 jathas covered hundreds of villages, towns and cities and reached directly to lakh of people. The fact that the people who were supporting the BJP, are disillusioned with it and are no more interested in it was observed during jathas. Earlier, an NPMO delegation met governor and submitted a memorandum.



From India News Network(INN)

Com. Jadhav Prasad, General Secretary of the Bokaro Steel Mazdoor Union (CITU) was brutally killed on 16th November  evening near his residence. Com Prasad was a man of the masses and was a popular and firebrand leader of contract labourers of Bokaro Steel city. He was gunned down on 16th November, 1998 at Bokaro by the goons of HSCL management and local contractors against whom he was leading continuous struggle for the causes of exploited workers. The Bihar state secretariat of CPI(M) in a statement has strongly condemed the ghastly murder of Com. Yadav Prasad His murder is politically motivated to physically elimiate a leader who showed exemplary courage to raise his voice against mighty class enemies who are being encouraged by the disastrous policies of liberalisation and privatisation of BJP-led government at the centre, the statement noted.

The Secretariat while paying its revolutionary homage, also demanded effective steps against the killers, Rs.5 lakh compensation to his family member and fulfill the demands of struggling employees and labours of HSCL.

The secretariat also called upon the workers of Bokaro and throughout the state to organise massive protest actions against the political murder of Com. Yadav Prasad.

The secretariat of the CITU has strongly condemned the brutal murder of Com. Jadav Prasad. The statement said that Com. Prasad led several struggles of the contract workers in Bokaro steel plant and the hand of some contractors-authories nexus behind the murder cannot be ruled out.

There have been several gangster attacks on trade union leaders in Bihar and many had to lay down their lives at the hands hirelings. The government of Bihar has miserably failed to nab the culprits with the result that such attacks go unabated.

The CITU secretariated has demanded immediate arrest of the culprits so that such gangster attacks are checked without further delay. The CITU expressed its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved members of the family of Com. Jadav Prasad and members of the Bokaro Steel Mazdoor Union.

Jibon Roy, member of Parliament and central secretary of CITU is visiting Bokaro to pay homage to the departed on behalf of CITU secretariat.

CITU demands immediate payment of unpaid salaries to HSCL workers

From India News Network(INN)

HSCL workers at different construction sites particularly at Bokaro, Durgapur and Bhilai are not getting salaries for last few months. In Bokaro Steel township seven thousands workers have been sitting on Dharna since 4th November 98 demanding immediate payment of unpaid salary. They have not received salary during last four months with their families facing starvation.

Inspite of telegrams for urgent intervention sent to Steel Minister from all the unions operating in HSCL and also CITU centre, and intervention by number of left members of parliament like Basudev Acharya, Jibon Roy, Sunil Khan etc., the ministry of Steel and Ministry or Finance appear to remain totally indifferent to the miserable plight of the HSCL workers confronting starvation every day with their families. And such indifference of the government of India even towards payment of unpaid wages of the workers has created severe resentment and restlessness among the seven thousand HSCL workers sitting on peaceful dharna in Bokaro Steel Township since 4th November 98.

CITU condemns such inhuman and indifferent attitude of the government of India towards non-payment of wages to HSCL workers and demands upon the government to take note of the aggravating situation in Bokaro, which may even affect the normal operation by Bokaro Steel Plant and escalate in other centres as well. Government must arrange immediate payment of arrear wages to all HSCL workers.

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