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Renewable energy, pathbreaking efforts..
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Economic war against West Bengal
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A sudden climatatic freak..
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A new youth hostel at Darjeeling
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The Tenzing Norgay Youth Hostel, which opened at Darjeeling in West Bengal on 14th November, 1998, promises to be a good news for trekkers and mountainers. The Hostel is meant for use as a permanent "Base-Camp" for mountaineers. The three-story Hostel was taken over by the Department of Youth Welfare, Government of West Bengal, in a dilapi dated condition from the Union Government of India. It took some time to renovate the building. But it was possible to restore the building to its architecture finesse. West Bengal Mountain Adventure Foundation (WBMAF) is in charge of the management of the Department of Youth Welfare, Government of West Bengal, Mr. Manab Mukherjee informed at the inaugural function that a telescope will be installed at the Hostel soon. One can book accomodation at the Hostel from both Calcutta and Darjeeling.

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