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As was expected, BJP suffered a serious setback in the recent Assembly election. In Delhi and Rajasthan, BJP was in power. Last minute appointment of Sushama Swaraj as Chief Minister could not save BJP from miserable defeat in Delhi. The nuclear blast in Pokhran has failed to rally the voters of Rajasthan behind BJP. Even in Madhya Pradesh, where the victory of BJP was indicated by the exit poll survey, they could not get success. The results of by-elections in certain states also have failed to establish the growing popularity of BJP.

This is their reward from the people for 8 month's anti-people performance of BJP-led Govt. at the Centre as well as in the BJP-ruling states. The people have rejected BJP not only for their failure, but for implementation of their hidden and communal agenda too.

In West Bengal Assembly by-election, the Trinamul-BJP combination lost all the 3 seats to the CPI (M). In Mayureswar and Nandanpur seats, Congress did not put-up their candidates. This action of Congress has helped Trinamul Congress and BJP to mobilise Congress votes in their favour. Even then scoring more than 50% in Nandanpur, 57% in Mayureswar and 55% in Baruipur, CPI (M) retained Nandanpur and Mayuireswar and gained Baruipur from Trinamul Congress.

This victory in West Bengal indicates the triumph of democratic and secular forces over reactionary forces. The result also indicates the growing support of the people towards the Left Front.

The verdict of the people against BJP is clear. But the BJP is arguing that this verdict is not against the BJP Govt. at the Centre. Now BJP has to decide whether they are to resign or to face a bigger disaster.

30th November, 1998.   

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