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Calcutta, 30th November 1998

Election Blues
Shrinking Lotus
vajpayee_sh.jpg (4312 bytes)I
t’s blues time for saffron. Nemesis has finally caught up with the BJP; the most surprising and significant aspect of the Assembly elections results in the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan is the time that the electorate has taken to make up their minds about the performance of the Atal Behari Vajpayee Government at the Centre.
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usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Rooting out Weeds
joy_s.jpg (8369 bytes)A highly significant By-election in West Bengal and again..road to victory
usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Editorial
o to BJP and company..as was expected it has got a boot from the people.

usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Ringside View
For a change, its the state elections which are having an impact on centre

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Turning Working Class Struggle into Struggle for Social Change
In the backdrop of the unprecedented crisis worldwide, the process of liberalisation has served to intensify the global crisis of capitalism..an study into how the working class struggle could be transformed into struggle for social change..
Looking Back
Dateline Ayodhya
usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Again cometh 6th December - 6 years of it. Rising ajo_s.jpg (10594 bytes)temperatures, an air of uncertainity, 'karsevaks' 'shilanyas' - those seemingly filthy words of Indian political jargon rendering the air again...a looking back at the day in '92
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usm.gif (844 bytes)No Insurance for Insurance
ierce resistance to the BJP-led Government ‘s decision to throw open the country’s insurance sector to foreign investment both inside Parliament and outside of it is on the cards during the coming weeks.
usm-red.gif (836 bytes)On the wrong tracks
Train tragedy again takes 200 lives...and no one is accountable still.
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Education BJP Style
usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Saffronisation of Books
Move on Saraswati Bandana may have backfired, but this is not the first time that BJP has been tinkering with education..
usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Golden Handshake
A report on the moves to retrench workers..

usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Great Science show
International Science meet at Calcutta
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usm.gif (844 bytes)WBREDA: pathbreaking efforts in renewable energy
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ounting concern to arrest environmental degradation and renew energy..
usm.gif (844 bytes)Treckers Camp
New Tourist hostel at Darjeeling
usm.gif (844 bytes)Sunday Cyclone
sudden climatic freak..and devastation

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usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Economist Column
Open Economy and Inflation.. synonimous, so the doc would say

By Jyoti Basu
A Political Autobiography spanning his life. For the first time in English. "London Mazlish" this week.....
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