ab.jpg (5736 bytes)Anil Biswas is the new secretary of the West Bengal CPI(M) State Committee. The state committee in its meeting on monday, 16th November unanimously elected him after the present secratary Sailen Dasgupta sought relief on health grounds. Dasgupta had expressed his desire in the last state conference in September. However he was asked to continue till the Party Congress was over. The state committee aslo elected a new 13 member state secratariat.

Dasgupta will however continue his responsibilities as Left Front Chairman and editor, Marxbadi Path. Meanwhile Biswas has taken relief from his present role as editor, Ganashakti. The state committee has decided upon Mr Dipen Ghosh as the new editor.

The new state secretariat members are Jyoti Basu, Binoy Chowdhury, Sailen Dasgupta, Anil Biswas, Biman Bose, Buddhadev Bhattacharya, Niren Ghosh, Binoy Konar, Chittabrata Majumdar, Nirupam Sen, Shyamal Chakrabarty, Suryakanta Mishra, Dipen Ghosh. Md Amin has been taken as the permanent invitee in the Secretariat. Ananda Pathak is being co-opted in the state committee.


Anil Biswas born on 1 March 1944 in the district of Nadia (West Bengal), he graduated with Political Science Honours from Krishnanagore Government College in 1964 and secured the M.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Calcutta in 1966. Mr. Biswas was attracted by Marxism from his childhood days. Not unnaturally, he got involved with Leftist student movement. He was badly injured in 1963 when the police fired upon a student demonstration in Krishnanagore which he was leading. In 1969 Mr. Biswas became a whole-time member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). In the face of state repression he had to go underground on a number of occasions. He had been also imprisoned for his political activities. Mr. Biswas was elected to the Central Committee of the Party in 1985 and continues to be its member till date. Since 1983 Mr. Biswas has been the editor of the Party’s vernacular daily Ganashakti, one of the largest circulated dailies in Bengal. He is also a member of the West Bengal State Committee of CPI(M) which provides leadership to Left front Government of the State. He has been elected to the Calcutta University Senate for three consecutive terms. Mr. Biswas is a prolific writer and has to his credit a number of publications both in English and Bengali. Mr. Biswas has travelled widely, having visited people’s Republic of China, the erstwhile Soviet Union, Democratic Korea, Japan, Bangladesh and United States of America.

Anil Biswas, is presently a member of the Central Committee of the CPI(M) and was editor of Ganashakti since 1983.

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