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6th December. Again. The 6th time since. And so come memories of a day, that changed many a rulebook of Indian politics and democracy. Courts Dishonoured, Secularism butchered and democracy given a go-bye. a looking back into the events of 1992

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Education BJP Style


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International science meet at science city Calcutta

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Govt of India is sincerely pursuing the policies of IMF and WB. No new employment.. shake away the existing ones..

An Online Reportage

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Kar Sevaks demolishing Babri Masjid at Ayodhya

Again cometh 6th December - 6 years of it. Rising temperatures, an air of uncertainity, 'karsevaks' 'shilanyas' - those seemingly filthy words of Indian political jargon rendering the air again.  A dateline poignant with expectations and unexpectations. It has now become fathomless to predict the outcome of the day for Indian People. And all this for some few hours of madness, frenzy and uncivilisedness which led to butchering of secularism and democracy of India. 6th December 1992.

Kalyan Singh, the infamous Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is there again, and so are the fear of disturbances. Already the VHP-Viswa Hindu Parishad and its allies have given call for Karsevak Samman- Honouring of the Demolishers on that day. There are talks of again a big gathering at the site. Time is again expectant....meantime let us look back into history what happened on that fateful day, whcih has led to this sea change of Indian Climates..

Ayodhya Incidents-At a Glance

1949, 22nd December-A group of 50-60 persons broke the lock of the gate of Babri Masjid. At that time Pandit Nehru was India's Prime Minister. But he took no step against the incident. It created a great stir all over India'. U.P. Govt. relocked the disputed Masjid and two cases were filed in the court.

-VHP started a 'Ram Janaki Yatra' from Sitamari, Bihar, to construct the 'Mandir'. The 'Yatra' entered Delhi on 31st October.

1986-The Union Govt. led by Sri Rajib Gandhi gave consent to the then U.P. Govt. led by Cong(I), to unlock the Masjid.

1989,14th Aug
-The Lucknow branch of Allahabad High Court directed the Govt. to maintain the status-quo. On 8th Nov., just before the Loksabha election, inspite of the injunction of the said Court, the Uniongovt. allowed the V.H.P to lay the foundation stone of RamMandir'.

1990-B.J.P. leader L. K. Advani stared 'Rathyatra'.

23rd October-U.P. Govt. led by Mulayem Singh, took step against the Rathyatra. In Samastipur, Bihar the 'Rathaytra' was stopped by force by Laloo Yadav and Advani was arrested.

30th Oct. -The proposed programme of karseva at the disputed site of Ajodhya, failed.

7th Nov.-V P Sing Govt. took firm steps. The Govt. toppled as B.J.P withdrew their support and Cong(I) declined to extened their support to the Govt.

6th Dec.--The then Prime Minister Chandrasekhar allowed the 'Karsevaks' to 'Satyagrah' at Ayodhya. Police seized 28 dynamite sticks from the 'Karsevaks'.

1991, Oct.-B.J.P led U. P. Govt. took over 2.77 areas of land including the disputed structure defying the ruling of the apex court. The land was handed over to 'Ram Janambhumi Nyas' trust for only a rupee as lease agreement.Buldozers and several other diu(,lng tools were carried to the diputed area. 'Sankat Mochan Mandir', 'Sumitra Bhawan', 'Sitagumpha' and 'Hanuman Mandif' was destroyed.

1992, 26th Jan.-The Union Govt. helped B.J.P to make sucess 'Ekta Yatra'by offering them helicopters and security.

9th July-The construction of 'Mandir' was started and it continued for 6 days.

18th July-All the National political parties, except B.J.P., demanded the intervention of Union Govt. in the meeting of National Development Council.

23rd Nov
.-The N.D.C meeting empowered the then Prime Minister Narasima Rao to take all and every necessary steps to protect the Constitution and the rullina of the apex Court.

6th Dec.-Babri Masjid demolished by karsevaks.

The Black Sunday-The day before and after

December 5th 1992

1.00 AM- The Margdarshak Mandal of the sants and mahants decides to hold Karseva as planned. The Mandal does not specify the procedure to observe for the Karseva.

12.40 PM- Over the public addressal system near the disputed site, two volunters from each contingent are asked to rehearse the training they had received in the preceding two month. The announcement declared that the leaders of the respective contingents knew who the trained volunteers are and the volunteers know the task they are assigned.

2.40-5.30 PM- At Ramkathakunj a hilly area not far form the disputed site nearly 500 volunteers rehearse their training

7.00 PM- Veteran B.J.P. Leader L.K. Advani is directed to hasten his arrival to the site from the formerly scheduled time of 1.00 PM on 6th December to the night of 5th December itself.

11.00 PM- Advani arrives at Faizabad and starts.for Ayodhya. On reaching Ayodhya he confers with Ashok Singhal and other leaders of the Sangh Parivar.

December 6th

8.00 AM- Mr L. K. Advani, Moreshwar Save, leader of Shiv Sena Parliamentary group, Binay Katiar M.P. and leader of Bajrang Dal meet at Binay Katiar's residence.

8.15 AM- The iron fencing demarcating the disputed site of 2.774 acres of the masjid is advanced by a meter on all sides by RSS volunters thereby shrinking the distputed area and enlarging the surrounding space.

10.15 AM- L. K. Advani and the then B.J.R president Murli Manohar Joshi arrives at the scene of the disputed area excitement of the karesevaks engaged in breaking down the boundary wall of the masjid for the last twenty minutes hightens. The RSS volunters manage to move out a few karsevaks but a large number of them remaining in the disputed area. 10.30-11.30AM- Larger numbers of Kar-Sevaks break into the disputed area.

11.35 AM- Sadhus and Mahantas begin puja on the 2.774 acres of disputed land.

11.35-11.50- Still more and more karsevaks enter the disputed area after breaking down the boundary wall of the masjid. In the meantime the Central Reserve Police Force protecting the masjid are attacked by a hail storm ot' sones hurled by the karsevaks.

11.50 AM- Karsevaks climb up the right dome of the masjid amid air renting screams of 'Jai Shri Ram'.

11.51 AM- More karsevaks climb up the dome of the masjid and the hundred or so "unwanted" C.R.P.F hugely outnumbered by stone throwing karsevaks give up.

11.55 AM- Using the broken iron fences as ladders thousands of karsevaks climb up the masjid. Only karsevaks could be seen all over the disputed site and the masjid.

12. 1 0 PM- Ignoring all requests from M.P Uma Bharati and a few others incharge of the public addresal system over the loudspeakers the karsevaks took no respite.

1.30 PM- Four battalions of RAF (Rapid Action Force) start for Ayodhya from Faizabad. The R.A.F battalions enter within 2 kms of the disputed area overcoming all efforts of the karsevaks to stop them by throwing stones and hurling burning tyres.

2:00 PM- Mr. Rabindranath Srivastav D.M. of Faizabad district tells the chief of R.A.F over wireless that the total situation is under control and that there is no need of any central force. The D.M. further advises the chief of R.A.F that the four battalions of the force ought to immediately return to Faizabad for reasons of itsown security concern. The RAF detachment is called back to Faizabad.

2:55 PM- The carefully planned destruction of the structure proceeds. The left dome is brought down.

3:05 PM- The right dome of the masjid is also destroyed.

3:15 PM- Addressing the karsevaks over the Loudspeakers Mr. L.K. Advani directs them to block all approaches and roads'ente,ring Ayodhya. He was anticipating a sudden arrival and intervention of the central forces.

4:50 PM- The central dome is demolishhed

6:10 PM- The disputed structure is totally razed to the ground.

6:35 PM- The idol of the Ramiala which had been removed during the dismantling of the structure is now brought back to its original place.

7:12 PM- The rubble is cleared from the place and the place washed with water. Houses, shops and shanties belonging to Muslims are attacked.

7th December

1:00 AM- A canopy of yellow cloth is put in place over the idol of the Ramlala under the supervision of Ashok Singhal, Binay Katiar, Acharya DharMendra and Acharya Bamdeva.

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