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Shrinking fortunes for BJP
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A highly relevant State by-polls.


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Jubilant over Victory: with Sujan Chakraborty, Baruipur

A highly significant byelection has been held in West Bengal where the Trinamul Congress has lost the Baruipur Assembly seat to the CPI(M). Again, by sheer arithmetic, this may amount to just a single digit number but the number of blows that this result has dealt to the bloated ego of Ms Mamata Banerjee need not be overemphasised. The Trinamul sitting legislator, Mr Sovandev Chatterjee, had vacated this seat for fresher pastures in the urban constituency of Rashbehari earlier this year which,not quite incidentally though, falls within the Calcutta (South) Parliamentary seat of Ms Banerjee. For prestige and safety, Mr Chatterjee has been seen to take cover under the wings of his leader, leaving a sense of betrayal for the people of Baruipur. Ms Banerjee and her legislator have been paid back in the same coin. In the other two seats of Mayureswar and Nandnapur, the CPI(M) has won, thus bagging all the three seats to which byelctions were held along with the Assembly elections in the four states. In Mayureswar, the BJP was involved in a straight contest with the CPI(M); its pre-election claim that all the anti-Left votes would go to its candidate obviously did not make any sense with the CPI(M) man romping home.

The long march in Bengal thus continues; slowly but surely, the Left soldiers are stamping out the weeds strewn along the way. There can be only fresh pastures ahead; with grass, and not weeds.




1,07,086 1,37,446  


1,06,478 1,05,657  


53,657 60,649 76,054


52,509   52,762
BJP   45,600  
CONG(I)     8,083


312   921

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