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Calcutta, 16th November 1998

cartoon.jpg (18105 bytes)Price Rise: What Next
fter the great onion crisis, it my be the turn of paddy or for that matter rice. Now paddy is being harvested in Punjab but reports of a pre-diwali unseasonal rains say of considerable loss of production..
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usm-red.gif (836 bytes)The Great Indian Vegetable Crisis
It is sheer irony that in a country which is the world’s second largest producer of onions, groundnuts, wheat and rice, third largest in cotton and rapeseed, people are suffering due to shortage of vegetables...and an inept central government.

usm.gif (844 bytes)Onion Crisis : BJP's Nemesis
The crisis is partly man-made and the ineptitude of the Government to come to the aid of the people for several months has further of buttressed the argument that it is a Government of nonperformance
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usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Meteor Storm in the sky
Leonid Meteor show on 17th Nov .
usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Filmfare for Calcutta
The Fourth International Film Festival, which began in Calcutta on November 10, is a major reminder of the way in which this city has grown into a major centre of learning in the art of cinema.
usm.gif (70 bytes)Leading Question

At an age when most sachin_s.jpg (2733 bytes)others would have been grappling with a new job, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar does not seem to have much of any work left.

usm.gif (70 bytes)...there was not much of a whiff of politics in my family. Both my parents hailed from what is now called Bangladesh.
Jyoti Basu


By Jyoti Basu

A Political Autobiography spanning his life. For the first time in English

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usm-red.gif (844 bytes)BJP Cornered on Poll Eve
The BJP led coalition government at the Centre is facing its worst crisis ever; this time, with the Assembly elections in four states slated for later this month, the party seems to be tottering on the brink.
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usm-red.gif (836 bytes) Swadesh without Desh
The BJP-led Government in Centre has unmasked its anti-labour agenda when it decided recently to close down 8 Central Public Sector Undertakings including 6 located in the State of West Bengal.

usm-red.gif (836 bytes)CounterPoint
Left Front Govt approach towards Industry-Krishna Glass Factory Revival

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usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Haldia : West Bengal's Dream for 21st Century
The status of Haldiahaldia_s.jpg (6021 bytes) Petrochemicals on the perspective of State's Industrial scene

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usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Drums of Destiny..
Mujib's killers are brought to book in Bangladesh

usm-red.gif (836 bytes)Economist Column
Fire in the food market..no fire fighter.

News Flash
usm.gif (70 bytes)Anil Biswas elected Secratary of West Bengal CPI(M) State Committee.
usm-red.gif (844 bytes)Ganashakti Online launched

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