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Renewable energy, pathbreaking efforts..
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Economic war against West Bengal
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The time has come when environment is no more taken for granted. People across the world are slowly waking up to the head to protect it from further degeneration for their very existence. The World wide environ-consciousness has prompted the stakeholders to take a hard look at the prevalent pattern of energy generation and use. A definite means of tackling the situation has emerged in the form of harnessing the renewable energy sources. These is no denying that it is long way off before the change is effectively brought about.

FOSET - a voluntary organisation and leading NGO in the field of S & T, has decided to take up this issue of global importance and project it in the right perspective through a programme entitled "Business Meet on Renewable Energy" during 3 - 5 January at Crystal Hall of Hotel Taj Bengal, Calcutta involving four neighbouring countries giz. India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan. The Meet will make endeavour to promote the indegenous capabilities for equipment manufacturing companies related to the field of Renewable Energy. Contacts have been made with concerned Govt. Departments, Industry Leaders, Project Developer, promotional Agencies, Chamber of Commerce, Utility Representatives, NGO's, Universities, R & D Organisation etc. and response is overwhelming if initial feed-back is anything to go by. To see the efforts through, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MINES), Govt. of India and West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) have already confirmed the official patronage and dialogues are on with a host of other organisations. These is a highly responsive market in this Sub-continent for renewable energy devices / appliances. Yearly turnover of the WBREDA- sponsored Solar Shops 'Aditya' run by FOSET in Calcutta and Siliguri firmly testify to the strong market potential. The above programme, focussed on business promotion, will definite give a fillip to the ongoing endeavours and activities heralding an eco-friendly era in the energy field.

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